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Jul 30, 2012 12:00pm PDT
down on drinking and driving under age on party buses. >>> james holmes was in court today. holmes is charged with one count of possession of explosives in addition to the murder charges. cameras were not allowed in court today but when holmes made his court appearance a week ago, his hair was died red. he was -- was dyed red. he looked dazed and confused. >>> a battle of two tech companies is beginning today. apple and samsung are locked in a multi-million dollar dispute. kara has more. >> reporter: right now jury selection isunderway here in san jose. this jury pool is from the silicon valley. the judge has been asking folks whether they personally have had business folks the, the long loin in the -- front of the federal courthouse gives you and idea. we saw part of the apple team going in. dozens of journalists from all over. >> this is a clear decision one way or the other. it will have a tremendous impact on the industry. it could free up many design elements or bod -- for broader use. it could also -- the decision went apple's way and could restrict the -- certain ideas. >> r
Jul 20, 2012 12:00pm PDT
the gunman. 24-year-old james holmes was a science student at the university of colorado's medical school. he was in the process of dropping out when this happened. they describe him as a loaner. they believe he planned and carried out the mass shooting on his own. >> there is a shooting in the auditorium. >> at least one person is shot. they are saying there are hundreds of people running around. >> reporter: people were 30 minutes into watching the batman premiere when the gunman burst in. and detonated smoke canisters and then he started shooting. >> he came down with the gun in my face. 3 feet away from me at this point. i didn't know what to do. i was terrified. i jumped forward into the aisle and buried myself in there and hide myself. he was shooting people behind me and the casings were on me. >> there was a eresidents eery pause. >> he was going up the stairs and reloading. we kind of crawls down the stairs and ran out. ran out the theater. > >> and in the parking lot of the theater, he had an assault rifle and three guns with him. he was dressed in tactical gear. >> he was wearing a
Jul 23, 2012 12:00pm PDT
is in central colorado to explain why it could take so long to find the motive. >> james holmes, making his first court appearance today, investigators say holmes is refusing to cooperate, and it could take months to learn exactly what prompted the attack on movie goers at the midnight "batman" film days ago. >> ordinarily individuals are titled to bail. given the nature of the charges, you are currently being held on a no bond hold. >> i just have all this anger built up. >> reporter: two girls who were in the theater in the shooting, one with a bullet lodged in her chin, say they want to be in court to see holmes begin to face the justice system. >> for how much hurt he's done to this whole state and nation, i mean, i don't think he's hurting yet, and i think he needs to. >> i definitely have had my moments where i just completely lose it, and so we'll see what happens when i actually see him. >> reporter: police say they have cleared out all of the hazardous materials from holmes' apartment, much of which will be used as evidence. investigators say holmes started stockpiling guns from de
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3